Saturday, October 20, 2007

it's good for how long?

Every wonder how long foods are good for? Here's some common items and their expiration dates.

Flour unopened: up to 12 months. Opened: 6-8 months.
Sugar unopened: 2 years.
Brown sugar unopened: 4 months.
Confectioners sugar unopened: 18 months.
Cocoa unopened: indefinitely. Opened: 1 year.
Whole spices: 2-4 years.
Ground spices: 2-3 years.
Paprika, red pepper and chili powder: 2 years
Baking soda unopened: 18 months. Opened: 6 months.
Baking powder unopened: 6 months. Opened: 3 months.
Cornstarch: 18 months.
Dry pasta made without eggs unopened: 2 years. Opened: 1 year.
Dry egg noodles unopened: 2 years. Opened: 1-2 months.
Salad dressing unopened: 10-12 months. Opened: 3 months if refrigerated.
Honey: 1 year.
Ground, canned coffee unopened: 2 years. Opened: 2 weeks, if refrigerated.
Jams, jellies and preserves unopened: 1 year. Opened: 6 months if refrigerated.
Peanut butter unopened: 6-9 months. Opened: 2-3 months.

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