Monday, February 11, 2008

I love chocolate or How to host a chocolatier

A lot of people love chocolate, so why not share this love with a few or a lot of your friends.
Step one: The chocolate invitation. It doesn't have to be edible, try using a chocolate fragrance to make your invitations delicious.
Step two: Make sure to include on the invitation that this is a giving party. Have everyone make their favorite chocolate recipe to share.
Step three: When your guests arrive have a chocolate inspired activity for them. One simple idea is to have a chocolate pretzel bar, have different types of chocolate to dip them in and different toppings for coating.
Step four: Make sure everyone gets some chocolate to take home. If all of the chocolate is eaten you can order custom chocolate party favors, such as m&ms or hershey's kisses with a short saying about what a sweet time it was.

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