Monday, July 7, 2008

how to order wine

ordering wine in a restaurant can be intimidating, especially if you're ordering for a group. often there's hundreds of bottles to choose from and you have to decide on just one. here are some tips and tricks to help you through:

1. know before you go. some restaurants print their wine lists on their websites or will email you a copy if you ask.
2. ask your guests if they have any requests.
3. ask the waiter or sommelier. helping you is their job.
4. let them know your price range. if you don't want your guests to know your price range you can point to the price you have in mind on the menu and say I have something like this in mind.
5. tell them what everyone is planning to order.
6. find out if there's any wines your guests don't like.
7. tell them of wines you really like. they'll probably know it, and will be able to suggest something similar.




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