Sunday, August 24, 2008

more $$$ saving tips

buy the less convienient option -- boneless chicken breasts cost a lot more than chicken thighs with bones, but both are perfect for quick easy chicken dishes, same goes for preprepared or precut foods

buy in bulk -- if you buy a whole turkey pound for pound you'll spend less than if you buy just the breast, and you'll have a lot more food

as dave letterman might say, know you're cuts of meat -- and buy the cheaper kind

it's really difficult to ruin an egg -- eggs are an easy filler for leftovers, think quiche

the power of powder -- for baking consider powdered milk

just add rice -- rice makes a great side dish and the grains are substantial enough to fill up any tummy

beans are a bargain -- you can get a whole lot of dried peans for less than $1 a pound, plus they're packed with nutrients, think chili

buy in season -- look for what's on sale, that's often what's in abundance

get cool with frozen foods -- for out of season fruits and veggies, look to the freezer and can aisles, where prices will be less than fresh

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