Thursday, June 4, 2009

drink up the summer

liquor infused with herbs, fruits and vegetables makes a great gift. let simmer for up to a month for a full flavor. here are some suggestions Martha had. if you're not a liquor drinker these could also be used for infused oils as well.

chamomile gin - chamomile springs with flowers
fennel vodka - sliced fennel bulb and fennel fronds
plum lemon brandy - sliced yellow plums and lemon balm springs
lemongrass peach sake - lemongrass stalk and sliced peaches
red plum grappa - sliced red plums
lemon verbena vodka - lemon verbena stems with leaves
lemon basil raspberry brandy - lemon basil spring and raspberries
beet cucumber vodka - peeled beet and sliced cucumber

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