Sunday, September 13, 2009

how to chop an onion

for an onion to cook evenly, the pieces need to be chopped in uniform shape and size.

1. Cut the onion lengthwise, through the root and stem ends. trim the stem ends. Pull away the paperty skin and tough outer layer. Place each half on it's flat side.
2. Grasp the top of one half and hold it steady, keeping fingers away from the blade. Make a series of horizontal cuts at even intervals through the onion, stopping short of the root.
3. Position the knife perpendicular to the root. Cut lengthwise at even intervals not cutting through the root.
4. Hold the onion steady and curl your fingers. Cut crosswise at even intervals, working toward the root. Use a rocking motion with the blade and move your hand back with each slice. The pieces will fall away as you chop.

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