Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to set up a buffet

- If you don't have a long table, put 3 small tables end to end. Creat a unified look by covering the tables with a large cloth.
- Stack plates where guests will start. Place silver and napkins at the opposite ends so guests don't have to hold them until they're done serving themselves.
- If guests will be standing or balancing their plates on their laps don't serve anything that requires a knife.
- Use cake stands for smaller dishes to make room for larger platters underneath.
- Provide at least one serving utensil for each dish. Place utensils on saucers to protect your linens from stains.
- Offer food in individual portions. Carve meat into slices and ladle soup into mugs before setting them out.
- Use scentless flowers and candles so they don't compete with the food.

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