Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quintessential bar tools

Bottle openers - for wine and beer

Measured shot glasses - a measuring cup will do as well

Zester - for making fancy twists of garnish

Long handled bar spoon - used to stir cocktails that contain only spirits. creates a smoother drink than shaking.

Shaker - for spirit juice combos.

Hawthorne strainer - secures over a shaker. when pouring place index finger over tab to stop pieces from falling out of shaker.

Julep strainer - has multiple holes and rests inside glass. used for strainng stirred drinks.

Muddler - pestlelike tool used to crush.

Cutting board / pairing knife - for chopping frits and making twists.

Pour spouts - stoppers that fit into liquor bottles helping you measure.

Ice bucket / tongs / ice - the colder and bigger the cubes the snappier the cocktail.

Ice bin - to chill wine / beer.

Glass pitchers - for mixing in advance.

Napkins / stirrers / straws




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