Friday, January 8, 2010

A 7 Day Juice Fast

Step 1: Pre-fast diet
5 days before fasting eat only fresh, organic, cooked and raw vegetables, soups, fruits, juices and purified or distilled water.
2 days before reduce food consumption to just raw salads, juices and water.

Step 2: Fasting (days 1-7)
If you can, fast at a spa. Also avoid driving and reduce activity and use of electronics.
4 or more 8 ounce glasses of purified water a day and 4 16 ounce glasses of diluted green juice a day are recommended.
Additionally, drink warm herbal teas, lemon juice and water.
For exercise try walking or yoga or swimming.

Step 3: Breaking the fast (days 8-10)
1 day after the fast stimulate digestion with citrus juices. Add blended raw soups and fruits and vegetables with high water content. Continue drinking green juices and plenty of water.
2 days after the fast east leafy green salads with lemon juice and olive oil. Add avocados, sprouts, fresh herbs, olives, sea vegetables, tahini and seeds. Continue drinking green juices and plenty of water.
3 days after the fast add steamed and starchy vegetables, grains and beans. High fat foods such as meat, dairy or anything deep fried and processed clog the digestive system.




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