Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Going herbal

Herbs can help restore the body's healthy balance. The following show promise to help a variety of common health issues.

Maca - Used in Peru as an aphrodisiac and to enhance fertility. Reduces anxiety, depression and measures of sexual dysfunction.
Brahmi - Used in Ayurveda as a nerve tonic and thought to improve memory. Enhances cognitive performance.
Pycnogenol - Used by Iroquois to treat rheumatism, stiff limbs, and colds. Alleviates menstrual pain, hot flashes and improves cholesterol.
Curcumin - Used in Ayurveda to treat inflammation. Anti-inflamatory antioxidant, chemo preventative.
Rhodiola Rosea - Used in Russia to alleviate anxiety, depression and insomnia. Improves mental performance, decreases stress.




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