Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Citrus Glossary

Entertain your guests with a palette of shades and tastes. Find the perfect citrus fruit in our list below.

Seville Orange - A sour variety, too acidic to eat on its own, but perfect for a chutney or jam.
Minneola Tangelo - A mandarin grapefruit with deep orange skin, very tart and juicy.
Satsuma Mandarins - Small, slightly flattened, with sweet and tart flavors. Also a symbol of good fortune in China.
Cara Cara Oranges (Red Navels) - Floral and sweet.
Pummelo - The biggest citrus around. Sweet with a thick peel.
Indio Mandarinquat - Hybrid of the mandarin and kumquat. Acidic and seedy.
Oroblanco - Bright yellow and mild.
Moro Blood Oranges - Juicy crimson insides.
Pixie Tangerine - Seedless and low acidity.
Gold Nugget Mandarins - Seedless segments.

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