Wednesday, December 29, 2010

potato glossary

Yukon Gold - Golden and buttery, an all purpose potato.  Thin skinned, works well in salads, mashed and in gratins.
Red - With pinkish red skin and white flesh.  Good in salads.
Purple Peruvian Fingerling - Originally from Peru.
White Rose - All purpose potato speckled with deep set eyes. Doesn't store well.  Use shortly after purchasing. 
Red Bliss - When young and small, this brick red round potato is waxy and ideal for boiling.  As it matures its texture becomes floury and better for baking.
Purple - Nutty flavored with a jeweled purple tone.  Avoid overcooking to prevent skin from turning gray. 
Finnish Yellow - Hay toned potato which becomes buttery and sweet when cooked. 
French Fingerling - Satin textured with a nutty flavor.  An all purpose potato, yet delicate.  Has a golden interior with pink lines.  Good for roasting.
Round Baby - Tiny, round potato with nearly translucent skin.  Good for boiling.
Ruby Crescent Fingerling - Pink skin reveals a red band that runs the length of its mustard color interior.  Has an earthy flavor.  Good in salads.
Russian Banana Fingerling - Rich flavor.  Slender potato with a slight curve. 

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